Shop Creeps 001

Grant Hunter. Shop Creeps 001 
Ink On Paper, Digital Colour. 15x20cm. ©2014
To break the pattern of batman and zombies, I've been drawing inspiration from some of the creatures i regularly observe in the wild world of retail slash my day job. More coming soon (until i get bored of it).

Child Killer

Grant Hunter. Child Killer
Ink On Paper, Digital Colour. 9x20cm ©2014

Fred Krueger doodle.

Crab Smasher - Earth Buddies

Blue Period

Grant Hunter. Blue Period
Ink, Watercolour, Coloured Pencil On Paper. 15.5x20.5cm ©2014
Here is a recent little zombie drawing which I've put up for sale, buy it on my ETSY.

The Storyteller

Grant Hunter. The Storyteller
Acrylic On Board. 75x90cm ©2014
Slick Rick for Out Of The Woodwork group exhibition currently on display at NANA Contemporary Art Newcastle. (Ends April 12)

Out Of The Woodwork

I've got a painting of Slick Rick in this group exhibition called Out Of The Woodwork at NANA Contemporary Art, a new gallery space which is part of The Emporium in Hunter St Mall. The opening night is this Friday March 28 6-9pm, it's coinciding with Renew Newcastle's 5th anniversary celebrations so there should be plenty of free food, drinks, nice people about..

Flesh World Zine

I've got a drawing of Gordon Cole in Ryan Humphrey's Flesh World Zine. A5 black and white zine. Submitted drawings based and inspired by Twin Peaks. You can order a copy HERE or you can read it HERE on your computer, tablet, electronic device..

Hayao Miyazaki

Grant Hunter. Hayao Miyazaki 
Ink On Paper + Digital Colour. 15x21cm ©2014

Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. This is for an upcoming zine you'll see eventually but fortunately I also finished it in time for #ghiblijam2014.

Crab Smasher - World Of Babies

All artwork © Grant Hunter.
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